Tammy Powers

…tomato face

Tammy Powers: Well I guess you win by disqualification. You’re the champ. Soak it up, tomato face.

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…famous baseball player son

Tammy Powers: Well, whatever I’ve got more important sh*t in my life than arguing with your dumbass. My famous baseball player son is coming for a visit with his new baby.

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…27 years

Tammy Powers: You know 27 years is a damn long trip to the store for cigarettes.

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…nanny and chef

Kenny Powers: The man made of skin here is my nanny slash assistant.

And this disabled mouth breather minority is my personal chef.

Tammy Powers: Well, big celeb. Excuse me got your own nanny and a chef.

Kenny Powers: Yeah, you know this is just a sampling of the Hollywood dream life I live. I have a whole staff a slew of people in my estate back at the beach. Yeah, I have a personal hygenist, uh obstinatrutionist person, uh magicianist.

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…chattin’ it up

Tammy Powers: Your little butt and I are not on speaking terms.

Eddy Powers: Well you better start chattin’ it up then.

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Eddy Powers: Still that same old firecracker I used to get boners for.

Tammy Powers: I hope you’re not having trouble getting boners these days Eddy.

Eddy Powers: Oh hell no. I still achieve powerful, long lasting boners.

Tammy Powers: Oh my god.

Eddy Powers: You really knew how to light my fire back then. You think you could still do that?

Tammy Powers: I think I could stick a match up your ass.

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…percocet and adderall

Tammy Powers: What are you holding. I’ve got Percocet, and uh, and I’ve got muscle relaxers.

Kenny Powers: Oh sh*t, that’s pretty sweet. Oh sick, suppositories. You know you mix the Percocet with the Zanny and it’s almost like heroin.

Tammy Powers: Is it really?

Kenny Powers: That’s what I’ve heard.

Tammy Powers: Why in the hell didn’t you tell me that before?

Kenny Powers: Yeah I’m just rockin’ this Adderall here, keeps me focused, even if it does give me a dry ass mouth and occassional constipation.

Tammy Powers: I like those. I’d like to have some of those.

Kenny Powers: Yep, sh*t gets real when you’re on the verge of a comeback.

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…share it

Tammy Powers: Kenny, shame on you. What did I say about you smokin’ weed around me?

Kenny Powers: That I have to share it.

Tammy Powers: Yes, that’s right.

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Tammy Powers: No, outside is for the dogs. Inside is for family.

Stevie Janowski: And the garage is for cars.

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…ass cancer

Tammy Powers: No good luggin’ alot a hate around, it will give you ass cancer.

Kenny Powers: Yeah, I ain’t tryin’ to f*ck around with cancer in my asshole or nuthin’.

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