K-SWISS Kenny Powers MFCEO

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The first Kenny Powers K-SWISS commercials must have been a huge success, cause both sides have teamed up again for another brilliant ad campaign. Get your own pair of K-SWISS Tubes!

Kenny Powers MFCEO of K-Swiss Unveils His Greatest Creation

Kenny Powers has a dream. A wet dream. Watch him unveil his new line of K-SWISS Blades at this live keynote event.

Kenny Powers MFCEO of K-SWISS

In the new campaign, Kenny Powers is the CEO of K-SWISS (MFCEO as he calls it), and has hired pro-athletes to help him run the company. Let’s just have Kenny Powers explain what it’s all about:

“I want to get everyone to stop acting like goddamn pussies all the time. So I didn’t just sign the baddest athletes – I hired ’em to run the company.”

There are several different TV commercials (skip down to watch) that are being shown on network television, but the best video clip for Kenny Powers and K-SWISS is of course, not safe for work. You can see a clean version similar to this video clip, and a “behind the scenes” of the commercial shoot.

K-SWISS Kenny Powers Quotes

Kenny Powers: Some athletes just want the endorsement deal. Some do it for the fame slash poontang. That smart as sh*t ones get into business. But no has ever done, what I’ve just f*cking done.

Kenny Powers: I’m f*ckin’ in, and your’re f*ckin’ out. Now get the f*ck out of my chair.

Kenny Powers: Konnichiwa, bitches. I’m Kenneth Powers, the new motherf*cking CEO of K-SWISS.

Kenny Powers: What’s up, dog. I killed you.

Kenny Powers: Me and Matt Cassel just f*cked you up, dog.

Kenny Powers: Now that K-SWISS is bigger than cable television and or drugs, everybody’s trying to get up in my f*ckin slacks.

Kenny Powers: I will pay you 25 million dollars if you change your team’s name to the Dallas K-SWISS Tubes.

Kenny Powers: K-SWISS Power cologne. Who knew you could bottle the scent of boner?

Kenny Powers: All that is left is my brain, my dick, and the Tubes.

Kenny Powers: I’m lubing the motherf*ckin’ deals.. Doing sh*t other sports companies are too pussy to dream of.

Kenny Powers: That’s right, I’m turning sh*t on its goddamn head.

Kenny Powers: I’m even changing the goddamn world, world.

K-SWISS Clips with Professional Athletes

Click for links to Kenny Powers motivating his new staff of pro-athletes he hired to run the company including UFC fighters Urijah Faber and Bones Jones, Patrick Willis of the San Francisco 49ers, and Matt Cassel of the Kansas City Chiefs.

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