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Before Eastbound & Down Season 2 premiered, K-SWISS teamed up with Kenny Powers to promote their new line of K-SWISS Tubes. It was both gutsy and brilliant to have Kenny F*cking Powers be the spokesman of their new shoe model. Get your own pair of K-SWISS Tubes!

Kenny Powers Gets Signed By K-SWISS

There were several different clean ad campaigns (skip down to watch) that aired on network television, but the best video clip for Kenny Powers and K-SWISS made it’s debut online at the Funny or Die website. This not safe for work video was directed by Jody Hill, and shows Kenny Powers and Stevie Janowski making their list of demands to the creative team at K-SWISS for the shoe endorsement deal.

Kenny Powers K-SWISS Quotes

Kenny Powers: Yeah, Rico. I told you I wanted a big-boobied blond haired bitch, and you sent me a damn tranny that looks like a catcher’s mitt.

Well, I just want you to sort the sh*t out, dude. I don’t expect to be standing in a goddamn parking lot with my pants around my ankles with a tranny.

Kenny Powers: Alright, listen up you motherf*ckers. Let me just cut right to the chase, okay? This is not my first rodeo. I’ve signed a hundred other contracts that have been way bigger than this sh*t, okay?

So nobody is going to be f*ckin’ bamboozling anybody with this lawyer, lingo-jingo … f*ckin’ mingo, alright? I’m not falling for it. Kenny Powers is alot smarter than that.

Kenny Powers: Bukkake, you dumb motherf*cker. What have you been living in a cave? It’s an old, asian traditional porno.

Kenny Powers: The hot chick and me, banging in all the beautiful locations across the whole entire world. I’m talking about f*cking her silly on the great wall of China. f*cking her in f*cking Mount Rushmore, in a goddamn graveyard…

Kenny Powers: So what are you guys thinking, huh? You ready to sell some f*cking shoes?

Kenny Powers: Calipornia. I’m keeping the pen.

Stevie Janowski K-SWISS Quotes

Stevie Janowski: Alright, you suits, prepare yourselves for Kenny Motherf*cking Powers.

Stevie Janowski: No list, no Kenny Powers. It’s that f*cking simple.

K-SWISS Clips with Professional Athletes

Click for links to Kenny Powers training with professional athletes such as UFC fighter Urijah Faber, Patrick Willis of the San Francisco 49ers, and Jeremy Shockey of the New Orleans Saints.

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