Kenny Powers Is A Goddamn Champion

Kenny Powers interrupts the morning school broadcast to let everyone know that he accepts the PE teacher job he was offered, and he’s a goddamn champion.

Kenny Powers:

Alot of you motherf*ckers think you know who Kenny Powers is. Well I’m here today to tell you don’t know sh*t.

There comes a time in every man’s life when he’s got to take a look at himself in the mirror and decide just exactly who he is.

Well I’ve come to that crossroads and I’ve decided Kenny Powers is a man. Kenny Powers is an athlete. Kenny Powers is a lover. But the most he is, I mean the thing that Kenny Powers is most, is a goddamn champion.

And the one thing a champion does not do is f*cking quit. A true champion faces his enemies and he conquers them.

And that is why I am here to tell you all that Kenny Powers is officially accepting the job as PE coach at Jefferson Davis Middle School. That is until the majors call me back up.

Now let’s get the teaching on!

Let's get the teaching on

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