…two biggest assets

Ronnie Thelman: I’ve been tossing and turning in my sleep, and this blanket is very, very itchy. Could you please take it away? If that’s not too much trouble.

(She pulls away blanket, his d*ck is out)

Flight Attendant: Of course. OH!

Ronnie Thelman: Oh, a stowaway.

He’s a big boy, huh? I probably should have bought him another seat.

Flight Attendant: Maybe I should call the pilot.

Ronnie Thelman: Well, I don’t think he wants to meet him.

I’ve noticed you haven’t asked me to put him back in his crib.

Flight Attendant: What are you doing?

Ronnie Thelman: I’m writing down my number.

Flight Attendant: Don’t bother. I’m not going to call you.

Ronnie Thelman: No, no, no. This is my bank balance. Now you’ve seen my two biggest assets.

If you don’t mind, I’d like you to go to the bathroom and get yourself prepared. If that’s fine with you. Thank you again for being so helpful.

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