Kenny Powers’ Apology

Kenny Powers:

I made alot of mistakes on my return to super stardom.

I screwed alotta pooches, I f*cked alotta folks.

I labored for far too long for lesser men.

I used my God given abilities to destroy men’s lives. I betrayed good people.

I ruthlessly stepped upon the weak, and the strong, I turned ’em into my slaves.

Even the fiercest of warriors meant nothing to me. Powerless.

I was absolutely terrible to everybody in my f*ckin’ life, including everyone I worked with, everyone I lived with, my friends, my family. I was horrendous.

And why did I do these f*cked up things, you ask? Well it’s simple, really.

I thought that fame, fortune, and success was the only way I would ever be happy.

But I paid a steep price for this train of thinking. I’ve lost the only woman I’ve ever loved. And the only woman who ever loved me.

So from this moment forward, the vicious dragon that was Kenny Powers will retreat back into his cave. Back to hibernation. Until the next foolish night awakens his wrath.

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