Chapter 7

…tres a dos

Kenny Powers: Tres a dos on Big Red!

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…gringo would even come to mind

Kenny Powers: Honestly, I cannot believe you would look at me and the word Gringo would even come to mind.

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…I transcend race, hombre

Kenny Powers: Does it make your life easier to just throw a quick, racist term at somebody? A man who has seen the things I’ve seen… experienced the loss and pain that I’ve experienced… I transcend race, hombre.

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…this is me now

Kenny Powers Audiobook: This is me now. A man haunted by the sacrifices he’s had to make. A man who ran and never looked back. A man who drank his ass all the way down to the butthole of America.

I left my country to begin a new life – one where I could finally blend with those I was living amongst. Become just another face in the crowd. Soon I was embraced by the natives. The wild landscape became my mistress. The wild women – my cum caves. Soon enough I felt like an entirely new person.

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…I did wonder about them

Kenny Powers Audiobook: But truthfully, sometimes I did wonder about them. About how they’d deal with the holes, the agonies, the darknesses that no doubt fell upon them when I rode off into the sunset, and then took that sunset with me. Do they even remember what its like to have hope? Did they forget how to close their eyes and dream? Did they discover that without me? They may as well not even exist.

And although it makes me kinda sad, I know this savage land was made for me. Its where outlaws go to die, and as that day nears, I take comfort in knowing that the lives of those I left behind are better off.

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…get a break around here

Stevie Janowski: Can anyone get a f*cking break around here?

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…Kenny Powers hates soccer

Kenny Powers: If there is one thing in this world I cannot stand, it is f*cking soccer, all right? And I hate when people do it around me.

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…Kenny Powers does not like children

Kenny Powers Audiobook: And in addition to all that other stuff, Kenny Powers still does not like children.

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…sh*t to do in Mexico

Kenny Powers Audiobook: Chapter 3, sh*t to do in Mexico in the night time.

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…National Geographic

Kenny Powers: Man, I feel like this is some goddamn National Geographic shit.

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