Chapter 4

…non-linear digital software

Kenny Powers: How do you do this, just like a VCR and a camcorder?

Stevie Janowski: No, no. See I have a system on my computer, it’s a non-linear digital software it’s got all these great fades and wipes…

Kenny Powers: Yeah, yeah I get it. Computers.

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…Powers is coming back

Stevie Janowski: Powers — is — coming — back — f*cking — soon.

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…respect for Coach Powers

Stevie Janowski: Hey loser! Eyes f*cking down! Have some respect for Coach Powers! Gosh . . . You’re all making me so mad!!!

Hey Sara.. . WHat are you laughing at??? I have tried to be your friend, but you will not listen to me. So you invited this monster — don’t make me kill somebody!!!!

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…hottest ticket in town

Kenny Powers: Sitting here, waiving her cervix around like its the hottest ticket in town.

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…goddamn Spoonman

Kenny Powers: Stupid cookout. As if their f*cking cookout is any sort of big thing. You should see my f*cking cookouts, man. When I was back in Seattle, I had the goddamn Spoonman from the Soundgarden videos coming to my sh*t. I’m talking 6 grills burning at all times. Tiki torches, 3 whole pigs, sh*tloads of macaroni and cheeses, baked potatoes, collard greens, a horse, f*cking Puerto Rican chicks showing their pussies and tits off everywhere. They were amazing.

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…busted Daytona stripper

Kenny Powers: What did I tell you? I said put something nice on. You look like a busted Daytona stripper in that sh*t. I don’t want no p*ssy-getting-wet dresses for this cookout. This needs to be a normal evening outfit that regular people would wear.

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…you’re not a natural beauty

Kenny Powers: Now I know you’re not a natural beauty, but I think with the right clothes and the right look you could be very striking.

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…Fashion Bug

Kenny Powers: Oh, what do I know? I know that one of had their own personal stylist, and one of us shoplifts their sh*t from Fashion Bug. That’s what I know.

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…I think you’re a terrific girl

Kenny Powers: Honey, I love you, I think you’re a terrific girl, but you have clothes like a f*cking d*ckhead.

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…who are some of these motherf*ckers

Stevie Janowski: I was just wondering, who are some of these motherf*ckers at this party??? I don’t recognize alot of ’em…

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