Chapter 3

…can’t drink spirits

Stevie Janowski: I can’t drink spirits if I’m gonna be driving, Kenny.

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…Stevie Janowski drunk

Stevie Janowski: (wasted) Oh, f*ck. I’m so drunk I feel retarded. I f*ck’n do. I know I shouldn’t use that word, but that’s how I feel right now, man.

(wasted still) So f*cking badass Kenny. Man, you say you f*ck’n mess with me, I throw a brick in your face.

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…I’ve killed people

Kenny Powers: Smashing a brick through a f*cking dude’s window is nothing compared to the things I’ve done. I’ve killed people.

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…and aide you

Stevie Janowski: You know what I wish? I wish I could just hang around you all the time, and just do whatever you do, and just like, learn from you, and aide you.

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…I could use somebody like you

Kenny Powers: I could use somebody like you. Just do all my bullsh*t, my f*cking running around. Then I could just have to focus on the day-to-day.

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…hold on to your d*ck

Kenny Powers: Mother. F*cker. That’s Clegg in my f*cking truck. Hold on to your d*ck!

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…you are my assistant

Kenny Powers: You were driving because you are my assistant. And that’s what my assistant does – he drives me around when I get sh*t-hammered.

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…little kid finger prints

Kenny Powers: Hey guys, this stuff is worth millions of dollars, I don’t want sweat or little kid finger prints all over it.

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…being poor

Kenny Powers: Just stay good at what you’re doing, which is I guess being poor.

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…what’s your commish?

Kenny Powers: What’s your commish? What’s the damage?

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