Chapter 18


Kenny Powers: Ah, herro. Room service, I’m a Chinese man.

Oh, psyche. That wasn’t funny, Chang.

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Eduardo Sanchez: Suck my d*ck skinny!

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…new mother figure

Kenny Powers: Toby, I’d like you to meet your new mother figure, Andrea.

Andrea, this is Toby. He’s a f*cking baby, and he’s my son.

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Kenny Powers: Kate I’m really sorry for what I did to you, and how I upset you, and gave you an asthma attack, okay? And I’m also really sorry for positioning you right here to be the punchline of my f*ckin’ t-shirt. That’s not funny. Nobody laugh at this.

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Kenny Powers: Andrea I’m at a very important point in my life right now, at a crossroads if you will. Now that Shane is dead, it’s time indeed that we all move on to the next phase of our lives, adulthood. We’re not kids anymore, we’re in college now.

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…mature adults

Kenny Powers: Look at us, huh?

Two mature adults, guys. With a goddamn baby.

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…made chubby

Kenny Powers: Go ahead and take him.

Babies are made chubby so if you drop them when they’re little they don’t break. It’s cool.

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…new seat

Kenny Powers: Cory’s gonna have to find a new seat.

Ha, ha, ha, you know what I’m sayin? Cause I’m takin’ his sh*t.

Yeah, I f*ckin’ love Chik-Fil-A.

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…nation’s birthday

Kenny Powers: I mean, why the f*ck would they do that, dude you’re Russian. Why would they get a Russian person to host a goddamn party on our nation’s birthday?

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…iron curtain

Kenny Powers: Oh, please Ivan. Lift the iron curtain and let me in on your secret. Like I give a sh*t.

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