Chapter 17

…white horse

Kenny Powers: May the white horse take you to the furthest reaches of man’s imaginations.

I’m gonna miss you, bro.

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…give a sign

Kenny Powers: Hey man, you know I have this kid and sh*t right now, and loading him into the Can Am, and carrying him around town is a little illegal and impractical.

If you don’t want me to take your truck, give me a sign right now.

(waits for Shane to answer)

Three seconds to give a sign.



No more signs can be given. Well played, hombre. I won’t forget you.

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…the curse

Kenny Powers: I’ve been super cool to you. I’ve given you a bowl of Chex Mix and some water. Why are you making curses upon me?

Stevie Janowski: I don’t know, I thought your baby would be cooler. No offense.

Kenny Powers: Stevie shut up. How do I erase this curse?

If I give you toy will that raise the curse? Will you stop f*cking up my life, Toby?

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…shane is dead

Stevie Janowski: Shane is dead?

Kenny Powers: Yeah.

Stevie Janowski: What? How?

Kenny Powers: Doesn’t matter. I wasn’t there.

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…kid is cursed

Kenny Powers: This kid is cursed.

Stevie Janowski: Cursed? What are you talkin’ about?

Kenny Powers: Think about it alright? Some straight up Omen sh*t.

Kid drives me and April apart, kid drives April nuts, you bring ’em to my game and then suddenly for no reason at all I momentarily lose all of my abilities.

And now Shane is dead.

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…normal amount of cocaine

Ivan Dochenko: He overdosed to death on drugs, correct?

Kenny Powers: Alone, yes. That’s what the doctors say.

Maybe if someone would have listened to their mentor, and wouldn’t have been showboating, then maybe Shane wouldn’t have been so compelled to do a sh*t ton of cocaine. Maybe he would have just done the normal amount of cocaine and he’d still be alive.

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…poet and a murderer

Ivan Dochenko: I was playing to win.

Kenny Powers: Oh, aren’t you just a poet and a murderer?

You’re crazy if you think you can just swoop in here and I’m weak and you can take my power. You’re not gonna be team leader. I’m unstoppable.

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Kenny Powers: Hey Balky! We already lost one Mermens this week, maybe you could make it two. F*ckin’ poser.

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…rollerskating shorts

Ivan Dochenko: You really have major problems inside your brain, my friend.

Kenny Powers: Oh, yeah? Well, your d*ck is all dumb and smashed in and played out in those rollerskating shorts.

Ivan Dochenko: You don’t know nothing about my d*ck, and you don’t know nothing about surfing.

Kenny Powers: Yeah, and you don’t know anything about Lance Mountain. Or f*ckin’ Steve Caballero.

Ivan Dochenko: This is porno?

Kenny Powers: No, these are goddamn skateboarders, bro.

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…green card

Ivan Dochenko: Well, let’s just agree to agree.

Kenny Powers: Learn the language, dog.

Ivan Dochenko: Maybe I will do that. After I go and and eat these waves and make them in my sh*t.

Kenny Powers: Yeah, well hopefully when you go out there you’ll find your green card and surf on the f*ck home.

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