Chapter 14

…mahalo surfers

Kenny Powers: Mahalo you f*ckin’ surfers. You goddamn nerds. Im just kidding, were all part of the tribe. How are the breaks lookin’? Some lefts? Some rights? Scream rooms? Ape rooms?

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…base tan

Kenny Powers: What’s crackin’, ya’ll? Base tan is lookin’ nice. I’m hopin’ to get there myself this season.

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…titty f*ck this wave

Kenny Powers: Looks like KP’s about to titty f*ck this wave. Adios!

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…stay off my beach

Kenny Powers: You f*ckin’ watch what happens when you’re not a local. Locals only, you f*ckin’ grommet! Stay off my beach!

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…sponge this whole entire ocean up

Kenny Powers: Hell yeah I’m a sponger. I’ll f*ckin’ sponge this whole entire ocean up with my big old d*ck.

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…chuck e cheese

Kenny Powers: Look at ya’ll, jumpin’ around like a bunch of child molesters in Chuck E. Cheese.

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…n word please

Kenny Powers: N-word, please. Sometimes these shoulders get tired from carrying the weight of this whole goddamn team.

Kenny Powers: Why don’t you hit me up with your lotion, Darnell. My skin get’s ashy too.

Darnell: White people don’t get ashy.

Kenny Powers: Stop being so racist, man. I’m sick of those comments, dog. Skin is skin. Just ask Jacque.

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…our fingers

Shane: Like our fingers were d*cks! And these things were pussies!

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…say your name gay

Shane: You want people to say your name gay, why don’t you go to France.

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…burned that monkey

Kenny Powers: You burned that f*ckin’ monkey! Not you, Darnell.

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