Chapter 12

…bang that weird woman

Kenny Powers: And, you know, if you want to bang that weird woman one more time for the memories, I will allow it.

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…you got some packing to do

Kenny Powers: Maybe don’t lay in her all goddamn day, you got some packing to do.

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Stevie Janowski: What about ATM?

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…come in somebody’s house un-announced

Kenny Powers: Why the hell do people think that just because were in Mexico its totally cool just to come in somebody’s house and wait for ’em un-announced.

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…Speak and Spell

Kenny Powers: It’s gonna take more than a goddamn Speak and Spell to win yourself into the good grace of Kenny Powers.

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…scared little bitch

Kenny Powers: Why’s your voice raised like a scared little bitch?

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…Bruce Lee

Kenny Powers: You wanna pull that Bruce Lee sh*t with me, I’ll steal that sword away from you like a goddamn child and f*ck you with it.

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…goddamn Mexican standoff

Kenny Powers: A goddamn Mexican standoff in f*ckin’ Mexico. I was hoping to get into one of these before I left.

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…my spiritual leader

Stevie Janowski: I know that technically I should be asking Maria’s father this, but in many ways I feel like you are a father to all of the Mexicans here. Plus, you’re my spiritual leader, you’re my friend.

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…Jesus leaves the building

Stevie Janowski: Mexicans, oooohhhh Mexicans…

For once in your life, get off your couches and do something. This is your last chance to see Kenny Powers.

He lost the love of his life, he went to Mexico for a change. He met his father, he got screwed over in love. But the thing about Kenny Powers, is when he faces adversity he moves past it.

Because once Jesus leaves the building, he is out of Mexico for good.

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